I was raised in Portales on the high plains of Southeastern NM, and attended Eastern New Mexico University on a journalism scholarship from 1972-74, followed by Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara CA from 1974-76. After working several years as a freelance photographer in Santa Fe NM, I moved my new family to New York City and was hired to set up and run the top-floor advertising/catalog photography studio for Tiffany & Co., where I stayed for five years from 1985-90. I also photographed jewelry and luxury goods for Gubelin (Geneva), Avon, Macy’s and Sotheby’s Auction House among other clients until leaving NYC in 2004.

Moving back to Santa Fe, I produced limited commercial and fine art photography while also engaging in ventures in vacation rental ownership and energy bar manufacturing using fresh Portales peanut butter. I learned the hard way that I am an artist and only an artist, and should definitely stay far away from other endeavors.

I began to teach myself to paint in 2013. Much of the resulting work to date has been a harsh statement on our species and its actions on our planet and its life. Those portfolios may be viewed using links on the Galleries, Portfolios and Purchase page of this website, and on the home page. Several pieces are currently on display at City of Mud Gallery in Santa Fe for their OUTRAGE show.

Now that the results of our actions are becoming quite obvious to most without my art screaming about it, I have begun to settle into pure abstract – which honestly makes as much sense to me as anything these days. This does not mean that my opinion of our species has changed, just that I’ve decided we are on the course we are on, and it’s pretty much set at this point. We’ve sunk our own ship. See you in the sandstone.

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Carbon dioxide levels we have introduced into the atmosphere will be absorbed into the oceans and result in dead seas well within 100 years. I expect land-based life, including ourselves, to go extinct during and after that time. The current US administration is speeding things up considerably. Cheers!

Meanwhile, though, I enjoy drinking martinis, driving my beat-up old BMW, and creating these works. Recent Works are in reverse-chronological order, so the piece at top is my most recently-finished painting.

Thank you for visiting my website.