Brad Bealmear was raised a fifth-generation New Mexican. He currently resides and works in Santa Fe. A rapidly-changing planet propels his color-loaded or black-and-silver abstract explosions in space. He brings into existence a visual philosophy of our relationship to earth and life, and viscerally pounds home his vision of a species that might have learned to live in comfort in quite different ways if we had considered, from our first use of tools, whether we harm the planet prior to each action. A violently rich canvas results as abstraction becomes more real than reality itself.

Bealmear attended Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA, where he studied advertising photography. He married, moved to New York City and proceeded to photograph for Tiffany & Co., Avon, Macy’s, and Sotheby’s Auction House among other top luxury-goods firms. His work was published in the world’s fashion magazines, many books and catalogs. He worked alongside Jacqueline Onassis, Paloma Picasso and several of New York’s top art directors.

In 2006, Bealmear left New York and returned to his beloved Santa Fe. After continuing to photograph for a few years, he sold his equipment to concentrate entirely on painting, which he taught himself with help from painter friends. Over several years he changed perspectives but always maintained the abstract. In 2018 he began to explore abstract expressionism in depth and found it to be ideal for his frustration over the state of our species and how we have treated the planet and its life, combined with a desire to manifest works of power and beauty.

Bealmear’s work is included in international private collections.